NDS [Nintendo DS] is better than PSP [Playstation Portable]

posted on 21 Nov 2008 11:27 by karaada

NDS [Nintendo DS] is better than PSP [Playstation Portable]




There are many reasons why NDS [Nintendo DS] is better than PSP [Playstation Portable]. Firstly, there are various games in NDS more than PSP. For example, action games, race car games, golf games, first person shooters, cooking games, puzzle games and etc. Moreover, many games are application and gives knowledge. For example, the "Cooking Guide - Can't Decide What to Eat ", there has how to cook, technique, and energy when you eat them.”TOEIC - Test DS Training”, there has reading part and listening part like TOEIC Exam. Much game in PSP is PS2’s [Playstation 2] game but there create for use with PSP. Secondly, the methods to control them are different form PSP. There have microphone, dual screen and touch screen technology that make truthfully in playing. For example, "Cooking Mama”, there uses microphone when they blow and uses touch screen for cooking in game. I think there give feeling like do it real. The PSP has analog stick. There is hard to control. Thirdly, there has an expanded battery life more than PSP. The battery of PSP can work at least 8 to 10 hours for playing game or only 2.5 while watching movies. The NDS run more than 12 hours while gaming or 6 hours for watching movies without having to recharge the battery. Finally, there makes a better game system for children than the PSP. In many game, there use cute graphics and play easier than PSP. Many games in PSP are accent picture quality and the most of game like PS2.

NDS Game picture

PSP Game picture

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